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Blessings From Mary: Daily Sacred Feminine Meditations That Awaken One to Their Divine Purpose Inspired by Mary Magdalene by Sally Bartolameolli, M.Ed.

Blessings From Mary includes....

--365 Spiritual Meditations for daily inspiration.
-A description of nine Sacred Feminine Principles to explore and integrate.
-A Four-Step Process for deepening spiritual connection and welcoming Spirit Guides and Soul Partners.
-An authentic and vulnerable chronology of the human challenges that arise for the Spiritual Seeker.
-Guidance for discovering and honoring one's Divine Destiny and Purpose.
Relationships from Addiction to Authenticity: Understanding Co-Sex Addiction – A Spiritual Journey to Wholeness and Serenity by Claudine Pletcher and Sally Bartolameolli

Relationships from Addiction to Authenticity is a 12-step spiritual recovery guide written by two survivors of―and experts in―co-sex addiction and is an advocate for restoring the Sacred Feminine Voice that has been muted through co-sex addiction. Sharing their own personal journeys toward renewal and the stories of other women who have tackled the diseases of sex addiction and co-sex addiction, Claudine Pletcher and Sally Bartolameolli, M.Ed., shed light on what you can do to heal the shame that binds you and offer practical advice on:

    Honoring the Feminine Voice to learn to love and respect yourself
    How to set boundaries, honor your intuition, and demand to be heard
    How to create authentic relationships and sustain them for a lifetime
    How to experience authentic intimacy and rewire tainted perceptions of sex and sexuality
    How to define and transfer a new relationship model to your children and loved ones

Through partaking in this 12-step recovery process you will, once and for all, stop objectifying and betraying yourself and handing yourself over to your own or another's addiction. In the process of embracing this spiritual program, you can finally experience an authentic connection that begins from within with yourself and others.
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