Meet the LORA Bridges Founders and Consultants

Sally Bartolameolli, MEd.

Sally is an educator, certified Shadow Work® facilitator, coach, writer, visionary, and woman committed to making a difference. She has worked as an educational & business consultant in the following areas: Learning & Behavioral Challenges, Educator, Director of After School Programs, Social Skills & Drug Prevention, Financial Consultant, and Organizational Development/Corporate Team Building. She has developed programs in addictiveness recovery, Grieving, Growth & Gratitude™, Ancestral Weaving & Shadow Exploration™, Archetypal Integration, Women’s Empowerment, Conflict Resolution, and Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence. LORA Bridges transformational practices have evolved over 30 years of working within personal and professional environments.

Kim Siongco

Kim is a small business owner, an assistant to entrepreneurs launching their platforms, and is passionate about partnerships with others in realizing their dreams. She is a certified Shadow Work® coach and facilitator. She is a teacher of emotional intelligence and communication practices that empower individuals to step into their compassion. Kim is a gifted healer, speaker, and business woman who enjoys building bridges in all facets of life. She envisions a world with less shame, more understanding, and businesses that flourish in an ever-changing world.
Affiliations: ShadowWork®, Ancestral Weaving & Shadow Exploration™, Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Priestess Path, certified Yoga Instructor, JourneyDance™, Women In Power, 12-Step Spirituality, and Landmark® Education

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Be humble enough to recognize when you need assistance & courageous enough to ask for it.
   ~ Sally Bartolameolli
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